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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  July 28, 2011 4:00am-6:00am PDT

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good morning it's 4:00 a.m. july 28th once again we're seeing arafat restart. >> pretty dark shot out there only one star the fog is hanging along the coast loning >> no hotspots port this morning i live look at the
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san mateo bridge we will have a bridge check in my next report >> our top story two men were arrested with shooting a 11 year-old girl will not be charged if following friday night's shooting a 11 year-old girl was struck by a stray bullet she managed to survive. >> i heard boom and i went down i ran into the hallway to my grandpa and i tell my grandpa was shot >> she denied she was hit by a stray bullet while she was
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sitting on a bed she was with her uncle and was taken to san francisco general hospital with look not a life threatening injuries. she is thankful to be alive her her father and her are still angry >> my daughter is suffering i do not like she is afraid of everything now. >> he tow " leave from work to make a plea for justice >> i know the people that shot me goethe jail >> big news on the sports front the giants the
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newsletter will be joining the team >> as the giants for and bring on a slugger >> it is time to celebrate it is carlos and beltran we need him so bad and bring imaon. >> all the other ran first plaza they lack hitters the giants are towards the
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>> it is giving away from the phillies and the braves >> the giants are giving up a sack wheeler all to get beltran 15 home runs and this year more than any giants player. >> see more fireworks and more hitting and more offense makes the game more exciting. >> the official announcement will come on thursday morning we could see him in the lineup with the phillies a thursday afternoon. >> way will let you know when and if that actually happens. >> we're going to start off
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pretty similar than we had yesterday kind of socked in once the fog at the stars to burn off we will take a look of our map and see the fog piquancy of floating into portions of these bay area and hugging the coastline current temperatures right now 61 in livermore 56 in fremont and i temperatures per later on this afternoon 92 morgan hill 80 in mountain view. we would keep
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temperatures in san francisco writer around the 80 degree mark this is a look figure seven day forecast temperatures will stay warm the next couple of days an extra sunshine and temperatures will continue morning fog time now for 07 a.m. >> no hot spots to tell you about we're really off to a great start you can see all green on your screen the metering lights are still off we are tracking overnight construction and it will be in effect until
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5:00 a.m. no snags or worries to tell you about. a look at the san mateo bridge and the fog will hang over the bridge no cars in our shot right now. >> democrats and republicans continued to argue only five days left for the deadline today the house is expected to vote on the proposal by boehner >> it is only a matter of days before the august 2nd deadline and while at midnight august 2nd we lose our borrowing authority >> competing democratic and
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republican plans will either planned make it to the presidents backed they will vote to find the revised bought warner plan. it will have a huge block in the senate hearing that democrats released a letter at the same time with 53 signatures they do not support the plan make it clear it will not pass >> also on the table is a plant by kerry reid. they're both going to die in the other chamber but it will pass that we have to get
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past and boehner dol and go to the real deal >> wow but politicians bicker the clock continues americans could face rising interest rates become.. >> will let you know of the progress on the all and a quick look outside and we will be right back. for america's wounded warriors,
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sometimes coming home can be a battle in itself. [crowd cheers] the uso provides every american a way to support our wounded warriors and their families. join us. visit to learn how your donation can make a difference in their lives. what? it's good to be back. the uso. until every one comes home. >> man being beaten during friday weekend >> sent this is the police are looking at this cell phone video in anti-crime that happened june 26th this
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video was submitted by an outside party this man was naked and was pushed around and was beaten by at least three suspects this man in the white shirt and wait for an opportunity to go in and really punch the victim this started went the victim was inside a portable toilet that was being tipped. >> i ask him if he was for around this area and i was on the pavement and a guide in talking to me and ask him mining >> these are images of were captured from the cell phone video they are seeking this man from the video any bond with him permission on this attack please come forward
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>> officials said the number of hate crime during the national pride we can increase from last year. >> morning had on the kron 4 morning news alex to rebecca was heard it when he was staying at a san francisco hotel will have more on that story when we return. c'mon
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>> the lockerbie bombing of the was released from prison he was the on the one convicted and the bombing of the flight over lockerbie in stories in britain released him from prison because he had cancer.
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>> record rainfalls went through seoul korea 10 college students that were doing volunteer work have died from/flooding and mudslides >> i check of the weather at 4:17 a.m. >> is gonna be another day similar to yesterday fog at sitting over the city right now and oakland again over east bay we will get about 73 degrees clearing into the afternoon. this is a
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picture of our satellite map of the fog in you can see it slowly working its way and then mostly hugging the coastline a look of current temperatures are around the bay area san jose's 61 concord 57 and later on this afternoon at 80 degrees in mountain view and 82 in fremont center cisco will warm up to 68 degrees. 91 in concord and 93 in, or fairfield how we will have
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nice breaks of sunshine into the weekend monday through wednesday temperature will get into the upper 80s low 90s >> good news no hotspots around bay area is quiet as you step out the door we are completely in the green on our traffic maps. once you reach the toll plaza the muni, metering lights are cycled off. got a quick look of the san mateo bridge no problems getting to the bridge in either direction how drive time of 49 minutes
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from and to end quiet conditions on the golden gate bridge no accidents to report driving conditions are good although we have the fog and in downtown san jose no hot spots in the south bay won a one looks and good no delays. >> 420 a m caltrain have passengers have problems with clipper cards >> this is tiffany myers she has been using her clipper card for years she really got a $395 ticket even
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though she had put money on the card >> didn't care about anything >> she did want get late to work in san for cisco and was told to get off the train. there are no excess since. they took out my bank in everything i was just so mad >> the passengers and notified the conductor where they gone and where the card reader was not working if he did not like this card is not a valid fair
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>> it is for 20 1:00 a.m. and a quick look outside from our roof camera and now we concede to stars with all that fog talking you tell of the jews are stars.
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some one proton and that of an electronic design in marin that displayed at some profanity this is what happened >> normally drivers near the civic center see updates bonn defense pearly in the morning they broke into the bottom door of this sign and changed the sign to say profanity that i cannot
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repeat on television perhaps >> the profanity was up for about half an hour before they were able to turn off >> we got it up and running monday morning. >> are going to upgrade at their security so this does not happen again >> no word on arrested if they have been made. the joke is not very funny >> any vandalism is vandalism no regardless of what the messages it is deplorable. >> simply not of the hundreds of thousands u2 clips submitted in one day
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this is a look and a day and all life >> it is a leading players this friday >> this is something this never happened before technology has allowed this video sharing sites like and they're using it in hollywood as their advantages. this is a real hollywood movie that has been created by a. they invited everyone to be shot on july 27th it was to show them a an event in their life parent over 80,000 videos were sent in a while and did down to a they are
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rising store inspiring stories you get in the look of other cultures it is a time capsule for other generations the way they added it and patted me is a key it was very good. >> after a day when we had seen over 200 clips you feel like a therapist showing strong feelings of the motion >> to year people express their basic ideas are is very powerful and very direct >> the movie will be life in
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the day. >> at we will come back after a quick break and we will have more debt on our top stories you're watching the kron 4 morning news.
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check of the weather and traffic overcast conditions with that fog is the look of the san mateo bridge and once that fog burns off will have lots of sunshine. we will talk about how warmer temperatures are expected to get today when we have the full forecast
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>> we're looking at the golden gate bridge conditions traffic is moving freely you will have to contend with a morning talk california highway patrol has not yet listed any advisories. >> an act of kindness comes to a horrible ending the victims of were trying to feed homeless his wife and two children were with him and someone drove up and opened fire it happened at oakland people in the area expressed their emotions >> he was a very good man and a churchgoing man >> good samir known asked brother john was involved in a shooting at it is hard for people to believe in this
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community >> it is very unfortunate someone that is a that compassionate than happen something like this happen to him >> there are not too many good people live here it is sad >> i hope they clean and a growing up in it is very sad >> a lot of people depend on the charity of brother john now allow people will not be eating out here. his wife and one of his small children suffered not life threatening injuries >> police say andrea harding is at a suspect in the beating he is the older
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brother of can of harding that was shot by an police. his brother is being held without bail hot carried >> democrats are saying they will vote down that the republican proposal and the republicans said they will never except the democratic plan so where does that leave us. now officials have hit all all-time low >> it is gone to a point it is getting scary but it is >> it was talking about the debt and he was also could be talking about the latest poll never before has congress been held in such contempt by the public >> 61 percent say they're doing a bad job 6 percent
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said they are doing a job >> we have this horrible, and then you're and let the debt ceiling caved in what are they thinking >> we're going to have a serious depression and that is scary >> on every occasion dozens of republicans especially today's have increased seven times. no tax hike is no compromise >> we have to stand strong >> the forecast of and a locked, again is overblow bolona this would turn into
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more like a government shutdown >> it is now for 30 4:00 a.m. and a check of the weather >> you can see the light out there and we are still dealing with that low cloud cover and we can expect for the next hour or two mountain view opened up to 80 degrees today san jose in the mid '80s and morgan hill in the '90s sunny and warm expected for the afternoon by 9:00 a.m. we will see the fog came in over the immediate bay this is a look of our fog tracker by the
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afternoon of the fog will hold back to the coast and then we will see the fog pushed back canada around 8:00 p.m. it will blanket the area overnight temperatures are in the 60 right now 60 greece san jose. '90s expected for morgan hill and antioch. couple degrees warmer in richmond this is a look of
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your seven day forecast partly cloudy conditions sunshine and coming in for your weekend. partly cloudy monday through wednesday >> no news is good news no hot spots to tell you about no accidents. no matter where you are heading you are in good shape. a look at our traffic maps' you are still seeing green which indicated 50 mi. per hour. we are still dealing with overnight construction that will be in effect until 5:00
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a.m. and a look at the san mateo bridge no hot spots to report traffic is moving good in both directions a drive time of 49 minutes can to end parent holding a bridges socked in with fallen and no accidents or precautions listed >> oakland a's have had all horrible attendance record and i'll look at how blow and how bad the low attendance is at the game >> the oakland a's have the next to the last lowest and attendance record this is but the parking lot looks like an hour-and-a-half
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before the game it is truly down to the true diehards >> we are here to support the team and have a good time with the family >> we are few but we are dedicated we all did i hear as much as we can >> put forth an effort to root for the team >> it's an hour before game time and you can see hardly anyone is terror >> what see a thing denys' your team needs to do to fill these expenses >> win win win >> not trade them off so fast in keep the stores around get more fans like we used and have a >> the team is trying they have promotions to try and get people into the stands this is what the parking lot
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look like after pain got started path was blocked off because of construction >> a look outside at the mt. tam camera we will be right back
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>> and various jaycee of burglar down of of the marriott hotel question a is how did alex tribrach hurt his leg it happened tuesday morning when someone came in his room and
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starting abseiling wallets purses and-true backed and gave it a chase drawback want up hurting himself the suspect is identified as lucinda moyers no one knows how the suspect got into the hotel rooms she was not a guest and not and a employees or former employee they are taking this very seriously they are continuously reviewing security measures at the marriott hotel reporting for kron talked for news. >> where wording are working on a story of a pilot the was attacked by passengers will be right back
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a $25,000 reward is being offered for a man that is on life support that we shot helping homeless this happened on 47th avenue the victim and his wife and two children were in their van went, someone came up and shot him. his pulse softball coach is under arrest for child molestation she had a relationship with a teenager when she was coaching the softball team she also sent an explicit material to entice a teenager >> san francisco police shot
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and killed a man in january 1st other person was injured in that shooting the suspected gunman is also wanted with to blend all murders. >> now tim the weather >> the news is that there is fog we are saying it fill end within the last our it is capping san francisco. it is trying to push its way into the delta region a quarter mile visibility around the bay temperatures are in the '50s and '60s. by the afternoon we are going
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to squeeze out a few 90 degree readings alone 90s morgan hill and livermore oakland will stay in the '70s. 82 degrees for for hayward we could reach 70 could agrees in a richmond parent this is a look of your seven day forecast similar day tomorrow cloudy conditions and morning fog we will still reach mid-90s in some locations lots of sunshine expected for the afternoon and now traffic report >> now hotspot set on the
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radar. but a closer look at our traffic maps' everything is still in the green which means top speeds around the area no wait at the toll plazas no accidents to report an overnight construction at wrapping up this is a look of the san mateo bridge lots of space between cars now looking at of time of 15 minutes and not to end. as the fog is slowly lifting you can still and start to see headlights coming from southbound won a one on the golden gate bridge. no
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problems on mass transit today. >> for 40 9:00 a.m. people in san jose are fighting back for the blight in their area this is a scene of people outside of the wells fargo bank. >> it wasn't eurus typical deposit trash was collected from a yard and that was for close to these folks thought they would just drop it by this branch of bank >> they are the ones that got us in this foreclosure mass and they need to do their part to clean up these properties we want them to give people loan modifications >> the alliance for california demands to see
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the manager of the bank and are ignored and employees tried to carry on business as usual i eventually sent as a police were called during the message is clear >> they have something they're breaking into people that are living on the streets are going into these houses and destroying them. >> customers of the bank were asked to call and tell them something needs to be done there in. >> also this morning organizations that depend on charitable donations the human society relies on 98 percent donations it is
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becoming difficult for people to donate and care for their pets >> we have seen a decrease in public donations because of the decreasing anon economy a lot of people have lost our home and cannot even afford taking care of their animals and the increase in people returning their analysts had increased parent >> and of the silver and black the oakland raiders coaches have are arrived in napa for training camp. >> 15 days before its first preseason game they open their doors in napa and took off running. if they can't
4:52 am
come close to head closed huge jackson >> i will tell you one thing right now i am not going to change and deploy charcot's is there is the deal we are can create something great he is not conceding anything how >> we will see what happens will be back in a few minutes and all look out san jose back with more in one moment ñoxw
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it's really delicious, mom. it's not too well done? nope. but it is a job well done. what are you reading, sweetie? her diary. when you're done, i'd love some feedback. sure. your mom and i read that thing cover-to-cover. loved it. thanks. would you mind if i cut the lawn this weekend? only if you let me talk to your mother on the phone for hours on end. done. [ male announcer ] u-verse brings peace to the family. at&t u-verse lets you record four shows at once from any room and play them back on any tv. get u-verse tv for only $29 a month for 6 months. in the network, everyone can get along. check out this video the man is stealing a bike he
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quickly cut the cable lock fumbles with the petals and watches as he gets tackled by a woman who saw him if the would-be thief did not have trouble with the petals he would of got away that guy looks like he was grabbing something and ran off he did not get away with a bike but he didn't get away we have this video on our facebook page and on our web site make sure you like us also it pays attention and when you park your car we have more from stanley on people behaving badly >> there are signs all over the party line wharton pay
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neater only or this one in play a bold letters or it this time several years, our best have found a flaw in the parking meat board meters they pretend they are out parking attendant at however as soon as they get your money when you return you have a ticket. he paid the parking attendant found out he was fake did take he received was not one man was arrested jail time is not a deterrent because he keeps coming back this is a story i will be closing of very
4:57 am
closely when i catch him you will see attacks this stanley roberts kron 4 news >> you can contact stanley at kron 4 dock, or e-mail and them at people behaving badly at fourth kron 4 dock come much more ahead on the kron 4 morning news i'll look outside at but the very fog the golden gate bridge we will be right back
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top stories we're following this morning a pilot is injured arm by a repair passenger on a flight from florida didn't as at all.
5:00 am
and we are keeping ion washington to see what the vote to outcomes are also the san francisco giants get a slugger we will have more on the kron 4 morning news. good thursday morning to you our top stories this morning a quick update on weather and traffic. >> this is san jose and they are not dealing with any of that fog out there we will have coastal clouds and fog and like we did yesterday 60s along the coast and warming up to the mid-90s and the warming trend will continue we will have a in
5:01 am
land temperatures in the '90s details in little bit now traffic >> hot and hotspot free ride the bridges look good a little foggy for the golden gate bridge and possibly for the bay bridge noah advisory's have been issued so far no delays on public trenchard either more later >> a pilot was injured by passengers and we have real trend at the airport >> the pilot was sucker punched passengers were complaining about these two passengers coming from miami on a red eye flight they were ready to leave their runway the pilot came up to the two passengers and ask them to leave the plane and that is when he was a sucker punch when other
5:02 am
passengers saw this they chased them and at the gate and the memoir are arrested at the moment amie international airport where we are trying to find out exactly what happened in it is apparent that alcohol could have been a problem. one of the passengers on the plane and said that they actually saw a fist go into the face of the pilot we will have more information later on >> just five days away from the debt ceiling they are voting on a proposal by john boehner today it would cut spending over a decade cut would raise the debt ceiling for only six months our in the senate democrats said
5:03 am
they will not support this plan. democrats are for supporting a senate plan that raises the debt ceiling to 2012 if they do not reach a settlement by the deadline table be unable to pay their credit cards. speaker boehner is going to have a meeting to review the plans with the republicans have at 6:00 a.m. there is going a democratic meeting to discuss the gop plan and at 745 blows it will respond publicly to whom the republican plan a big vote
5:04 am
today in the house even though the plan appears to be dead on arrival obama said he would veto of this plan if it arrived on his desk >> stock market said they will be positive today the dow has fallen four days in a row investors are getting increasingly worried on these budget woes the dow was down 1 at 98 yesterday in economic reports coming out today you will see weekly figures on the jobless claims and the realtors will give a report on pending home sales
5:05 am
new details of a parolee had that was under suspicion of the beating of the bryan stowe they are filing a suit when he was arrested in the home where a fire arm was found they said they were in a rush to judgment. it police exonerated ramirez last week announcement coming from the san francisco giants this morning carlos about prandial felder accepted of trade to the severances code giants they have a 24 hour
5:06 am
window to negotiate shortly after an aide to to win beltran arrived in the clubhouse and told his teammates he was on his way to join the giants. the giants desperately need some offense parent we will be read back when the kron 4 morning news continues it is a foggy day out there as we look at the san mateo bridge we will be out there as we look at the san mateo bridge we will be right back yñsñkékékióç]s]s
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>> new report that i of norway alex branded as soon as he was approached by police after the shooting on the island >> i think that rather than killing all those people he should of use the gun on himself carried >> he shot 68 people at a youth camp at a nearby island >> we're just learning this off the wires they are going to interrogate the suspect they are not saying what they're going to ask a break they have only interviewed him once and that was a seven hour questioned the day of the attack.
5:11 am
>> the kron 4 morning news will continue and this is a live look outside of the weather >> we are seeing the city lights and the marine layer is getting lighter and lighter temperature now is 52 degrees it will get up to 73 degrees later on this afternoon will have a full look of weather coming right up with a love into [ man ] i got this new citi thankyou card
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and started earning loads of points. you got a weather balloon with points? yes i did.
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>> traffic is mild and wet weather looks good this is look at the san mateo bridge and in richmond will be 70 degrees a least later on this afternoon oakland 73 with a partly cloudy and hayward. this is a look of
5:15 am
the fog and you see how it is drifting in word it'll pull back by noon and we will start warming things out temperatures right now look good this is a look of torn temperatures re now slightly warmer start than yesterday. this afternoon this is what we will see that temperatures 92 in morgan hill warmer day than yesterday 85 in san jose. oakland will come in the
5:16 am
7386 in napa appearing we're going to stay around 8990 degree temperature and then we will flat line this is a look of your seven day forecast and now check on your ride >> we're looking at a hotspot free ride across the bay area we are starting with the bridge check out this first look is at the bay bridge know backups at the toll plaza pretty easy ride as you head west toward a into san francisco here to the san mateo bridge right side of your screen is west bound and the golden gate bridge is a foggy want no delays in traffic.
5:17 am
>> federal prosecutor hour according to judges to find a barry bonds and obstruction of justice this witness filed with the court papers yesterday they are saying that the court case should be thrown out or he should be granted a new trial. high during has now been set for august 26th a woman that has been charged with breaking in rooms and stealing items from alex to back all 56 year old listen demo here has been charged they do not know how she got into the
5:18 am
hotel room she was not a guest employees or former employee of the hotel alex your back is at scheduled to have surgery tomorrow he will be and a cast for >> they are going to have a hearing on today on the banning of a male circumcision how they want get off the ballot for november did violate a california law saying that medical procedures are with the state buried california osha one make sure that the masses and six alarm fire
5:19 am
investigation two men that were arrested for the shooting of a 11 year-old girl will not be charged because there is not enough evidence the two were arrested after the 11 year-old girl was struck by a stray bullet that came through the window and came into her room entering her chest and exiting her back. >> i heard boom and then i fell testing that i ran into the hallway to my uncle and told him i was shot i help the people that shot me dakota jail
5:20 am
>> we also spoke to linda's father he is helping lead police what will find a who was involved with the shooting >> the kron 4 news will continue shortly after this is break it is a very foggy morning and will be a long one temperature now 52 and going up to 73 later on this afternoon in oakland we will be right back
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5:23 am
is that really looking shot some morning fog as you head out the door this morning we are expecting that coastal flaw moving back by in in noontime and mostly sunny conditions. then overnight the fog will return why you
5:24 am
sleep. a quick look at the next 24 hours. >> we're following the irs that airlines cannot release 8 tax refund travelers may be owed a will refund panic because they did not renew the faa. the islands are not required to issue the refund and some of airlines are asking customers to research and contact the irs >> the woman said she was adopted at 87 and is afraid of being touched by a stranger she grabbed an agency brass during
5:25 am
passenger screening they have not filed a felony charges against the woman >> the victim was trying to feed the homeless what his wife and two children were in the event someone drove up and opened fire when a shooting happened at 42nd avenue in oakland residents in the year are a set >> a churchgoing and a good man >> a good samaritan was a of it and of a of a drive-by shooting they can hardly believe it in this community >> it is a very unfortunate of someone that is very compassionate and has a big market >> heat goes around the neighborhood all the time and gives out food
5:26 am
>> i felt they cleaned the neighborhood up by it is really sad >> many of the homeless in the area depend on charity he passes out free mills in the area on a regular basis one of his wife and small children injured >> will be back when the kron 4 morning news continues and this is all look at san jose. traffic is moving smoothly on 101 in south banks current tape pitcher is 60 degrees going up to lie of 85 later on this afternoon we will be right back
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a quick look at traffic as you look out we have august morning and it's been a desire this afternoon breeze is picking up later on today we will have a complete check of the weather in just a minute let's check on georgia and the traffic >> i a good ride around the bay area foggy yes hotspots no no delays at the bay bridge still an easy ride and know backups. we will have more on our report coming up >> a pilot was injured by a passenger from miami to sfo.
5:30 am
>> the passengers on that plane a of a ride to fewer hours ago and this was a scary time this was a red eye flight shortly before takeoff there was a confrontation. they were getting ready to leave miami airport when he was foresta turn the plane around. we have >> we are escorted off and got into a verbal conversation and spanish as their escorted out of the plane and they started arguing with the captain and did what ought want to leave the plane one of the guys punched the captain arrived in the eye that is when the
5:31 am
captain backed up and other guy's got in a non-event in my husband and three other guys chasing the guys all way down to the end where they got into the airport and that's where the competition happened >> apparently this lasted according to another when is it several minutes but passengers subdued and the other passengers they all jumped into action because we all have to protect each other >> these bad two-man that police took into custody after a lengthy car just are not the suspects they're looking for a vehicle registered to one of the
5:32 am
murder suspects they tried to stop the driver but he took off they lead the officers on a freeway chase they were finally stopped two men taken into custody are not the murder suspects the police were looking for >> clear five days away from the debt crisis whorehouses voting today on the gop plan even though the plan will be dead on our arrival and also president barack obama said he would veto the plan. it raises the debt ceiling for only six months and a second vote would have to be taken ashore in the senate they will not support this gop plan a could raise the risk of and it could be filed next year apparent democrats are supporting a summit
5:33 am
planned by harry reid the raise the debt ceiling to 2012 if it is not reached by august and united states will not be able to borrow money to pay its bills it could mean that rising interest rates and i declining dollar and a partial government shutdown. >> the government expects the health-care tab take 4.6 trillion dollars by 2020 it compares to 2.7 trillion this year >> big news for the san francisco-chance desperately in need of offense a slugger
5:34 am
is joining the team carlos caltran who is leaving her the mats shortly after an 8- 2 win he wouldn't return to the clubhouse and told his teammates he was going to join of the giants for $6 million. >> this is certainly at popular topic in our family book page they think he will be added big game change your this is some of the comments we are seeing on our fan page if you would
5:35 am
like to leave your own comments goethe our facebook fan page and like us and like us on our kron 4 >> this is look of the golden gate bridge here at the gate is foggy visibility is very nice sized with we are seeing the fog in the usual places as you get inland. it is affecting the bay waters and the eastern shore. this is look of the
5:36 am
satellite map of the fog in the area during this is a look of our temperatures throughout the bay area those temperatures will drop of few degrees and we will warm up to these temperatures later on this afternoon. this is so open
5:37 am
your seven day forecast. it is gonna feel like summer for sure and let's look at your ride >> no problems to report no hot spots or delays we will start with a bridge check. the west bound ride is back sufferinclear. the late free ine
5:38 am
south of direction on the san mateo bridge and this all look at the golden gate bridge traffic is moving smoothly will be right backup
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exxon said higher oil prices, boosted their second quarter profits by 41% and a three months. april through john exxon made ted not $0.7 billion they had a $15 billion profit in a three month. back in 2000 and nine. . the job market might be yelling puring 398,000 americans filed for unemployment last week. the
5:42 am
drop could be in some special factors like in minnesota out where people are getting back to workplace. >> new report from foreclosure activity is down in most of the u.s. areas banks are taking longer to foreclose on homeowners. they saw their foreclosure rate drop first time in the years. let's take a quick look now at other headlines wall street it was a great first day of trading for duncan to honor their shares soared 47% jump to $19 a share wholefood market sigh
5:43 am
third quarter profits rose they earned 88.5 million and jet blue is introducing some other flight plans to entice business travelers. tickets will be on celaugust 22ndselsale auguest 22. we'll be right back
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check out the flooding the they didn't have a dozen water refuse in illinois they reported 10 in. of rain that fell in the area it is going to stick around again today >> find out more about our weather >> another day of temperatures on the rise piccata this is a of you out of mt. tam blue skies up above not getting too far in land-for-peace our temperature is right now partly cloudy our inland temperatures will be in the '90s but a couple degree is warmer than yesterday the fog will leave and then
5:48 am
return why you are sleeping. this is a look of were the fog is currently it is along the coastline and in the immediate san francisco bank it is not high enough to get over the the oakland hills. we will see those fog conditions out there. the fog will live out there for most of the day. it will cool things off we will see warm temperatures later on this afternoon. 63 in
5:49 am
endicott 60 degrees in san jose right now we will see temperatures on the rise one more day and this is a look of your seven day forecast will hold that pattern with morning fog and then have 90s for saturday and sunday and we will t they're right about of the 90 degree mark on monday through wednesday >> off to a pretty good start at the bay bridge toll plaza on we're starting with a bridge check on 80 west bound know backups or delay per any of the lanes are camera is add the toll plaza no problem on your trip to the san mateo bridge had lights are heading back to hayward no delays southbound and there
5:50 am
are no problems across this land there is a potential hotspot in south bay on interstate 680 an initial reports there may be one more than one late blocked we could have been overturned vehicle at the same could be a potential hotspot we will let you know we get more information it pays to pay attention when you park your car vandals are targeting parking lots on stanley's people creating badly >> there are signs posted everywhere warning and this one stall number and a machine or this time. several yours con artists
5:51 am
have taken advantage of the parking system they pretend to be a parking attendant and get tourists to pay for parking as soon as they get their money and when you return to your card you have a eight ticket pocket of former san francisco mayor got caught in a scam the parking ticket he received was not fake one man was arrested 14 different times for the same problem he keeps coming back this is a story i will be following very closely and when i get someone in the act and i will you will see it this is correct stanley roberts kron 4 news >> if you know of anyone the or any story of people behaving badly please contact stanley under
5:52 am
facebook page or e-mail numb at people behaving badly at kron 4 dot com >> to players rob when they returned last month they are bay area during the girls to our men approached them before behind and demanded cash box they took the box and ramp able did not say how much exactly was in the box but it could have been thousands of dollars >> we are taking a look at walnut creek traffic looks smooth on 680 is currently 57 degrees in walnut creek without high reaching 91 degrees we will be back in just a moment
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>>-hello '70s later on today this is a look of oakland and all look out the seven day forecast predicts we will seeing out mid 90's and then get cooler into the weekend beaches should get clearing. >> check out this video this is a guy trying to seal a bike and doesn't get away and this is what makes it so interesting this is outside of an office building in san francisco he
5:57 am
cuts the table lot fiddles with the paddles and then watch what happens next two people come out and tackle him he could of gone away if those two people and now a third go after him what happens next they take the bike and a guy unfortunately get away he has not been caught we have this video on our web site and also on our facebook page >> we will be back in two minutes as the kron 4 morning news continues.
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top stories we're following this morning a pilot coming in from miami gets punched in the face >> and we are five day


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